Global Team Expansion: How Can BajaNearshore and Deel Simplify It for You?


For companies exploring nearshore services to grow their team, the partnership between BajaNearshore and offers a straightforward way to tap into global talent. By teaming up, we’re making it super easy for businesses to manage and pay their teams, no matter where they are. With a sweet 20% discount on’s services for both contractors and full-time employees in the first year, our clients enjoy serious savings. This deal is a game-changer for anyone looking to make the most out of nearshore hiring. simplifies the trickier parts of going global, like sticking to local laws and handling payroll in a bunch of different currencies. This means less worry about the fine print and more focus on what your team can achieve. And if your team is under 200 people, Deel’s Human Resources Information System comes free, making it even easier to keep everything running smoothly.

Teaming up with BajaNearshore and means getting more than just cost savings. It’s about making nearshore services work smarter for your business. From easy payroll to staying on the right side of local laws, we’re here to help your company grow its global footprint without the hassle. This partnership is all about bringing the world’s top talent right to your doorstep, effortlessly.