Save Time & Money by Growing Your Workforce

Consisting of hand-selected, college-educated professionals from all over Mexico, Baja Nearshore offers businesses the support they need to successfully meet their goals.

Customer Support

Increase customer satisfaction and revenue with highly-qualified, remote customer support professionals trained to help measure and improve metrics.

Sales Professionals

Approved by you, trained by our sales experts. Grow your remote sales workforce with top-class professionals prepared to help boost your revenue.

Other Roles

At Baja Nearshore, we specialize in recruiting customer-facing roles. However, we have also placed graphic designers, software engineers, human resources professionals, and more.

How We Work For You

Your talent is our priority. We’ll work with you to craft a job description that defines exactly what kind of people and/or skills are needed for your unique needs and scale up the team.

Working with Baja Nearshore means that we’ll be there every step of the way. From providing you profiles to searching for potential candidates, identifying who is right up your alley, and making sure they hear from us first – it all starts here!

Step 1 – Profiling
We will ask you to share more information about the role, such as what duties and responsibilities are required for success in this position.

Step 2 – Identifying Viable Candidates
The process of recruiting new talent is not an easy one, but our team can make it easier. We have access to highly qualified individuals that may or may not be on the market- which makes us invaluable for your company’s needs!

Step 3 – Screening
We will take a look at each candidate’s qualifications and skills. We’ll speak with them about why they want this job before moving on to determine if that person is suitable for what’s expected of an employee in these circumstances – personality-wise as well objectively by checking out other aspects like employment status among others.

Step 4 – Candidate Introductions
We’ll provide you with a list of candidates including their salary expectations. It’s up to you which candidate resonates most within your organization and needs! We’ll take care of scheduling those interviews for you.

Step 5 – Interviewing
This could be an initial meeting, which may lead to more follow up interviews if the applicant accepts employment with your company; it could also involve going through background checks or credit reports before being offered on-the-job opportunities as well!

Step 6 – Offer
The offer will be made and we’ll help you establish the terms. You can expect a salary, benefits packages, or other conditions that are imposed on employees as they accept or reject your proposal; both sides should try to reach compromise where possible before finally signing anything!

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Request a free consultation below. Together, we’ll discuss your business goals and how we plan to get you there with a top-tier workforce.

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Are you searching for new career opportunities with top-tier companies? Baja Nearshore is always searching for the best candidates to fill various remote positions in sales, administration, and customer support.